For season pass holders, we know the snow can be hit and miss at Ben Lomond, that's why our season passes will come with a minimum usage allowance. The value of a seasons pass is equivalent of 5 normal day passes +

For example, should you only use your season pass for 2 days for season 2022, you can use the remaining 3 passes for 2023.  You will then need to purchase another season pass after that if you wish to continue for unlimited access for 2023.  This may be the last year of this offer!  So take advantage now!!!

For 2022, if you use up all your minimum usage, you can continue to use your season pass for the rest of the 2022 season for unlimited lift use.

Each season pass holder will need to provide ID upon ticket collection or have their photo on our online ticketing system to confirm, either at the ticket office when collecting their pass for the day or online, for which the credit system will keep track of your usage.

0 Ski Days / 5 days credit on following year

1 Ski Day  / 4 days  credit on following year

2 Ski Days / 3 days   credit on following year

3 Ski Days / 2 days   credit on following year

4 Ski Days / 1 days  credit on following year

5 Ski Days / 0 days  credit on following year

A ski day(s) is classed as use of our lifts and being obtained at the ticket office anytime during the season.

No Refunds - Purchasing a season pass and agreeing to the lift allowance secures your right to have credits applied for the following year.  Should you become medically unfit, become pregnant or discuss your situation with us, we may consider offering either a credit or partial refund at our discretion.

Please note that the minimum usage allowance is only valid for the 2022 season pass purchase only and may not be offered for the following season(s).